Artist Statement


Two small copper pipes hammered into the center of Robert Smithson's Spiral Jetty: one positively charged, the other negatively charged. A low-voltage current runs between the two, freeing copper ions and collecting sodium and chlorine, creating a crusty blue-green patina on one pipe as the other slowly blackens and weakens. Snow has accumulated on the basalt rocks of Spiral Jetty, and the air is so still you can hear the faint hiss and crackle of bubbles bursting as electricity reacts with salt and copper and water.

From the distillation of algal biodiesel, to the imagined fabrication of fiber optic infrastructures, I am an artist who explores connection as material and energy as form. I research and recreate industrial systems and scientific processes to become intimately familiar with the plant and mineral elements that we extract, concentrate and metabolize to fuel our highly synthesized and ever-accelerating world. Water, algae, oil, petroleum, bitumen, carbon, silicon, salt, wood, clay, fat, switchgrass, fiberglass, copper, steel, honey, plastic.

Building from gestures of American land art and systems aesthetics of the 1960s and 70s, I produce video installations and sculptural works that pick apart contemporary forms of power – in particular those represented by science, technology and global infrastructure. I search for the spaces where the virtual becomes fragile and physical: the places where the sun's UV rays agitate and embrittle polyethylene bonds; and the sites where the long lines of colonialism entangle thesmelves in the smooth facade of the digital. I feel for the moments where the infrastructural joinery is weak, searching for the cracks in the mortar and the gaps in the cables that allow for the insertion of new conduits and strange loops. There is risk involved in in exposing vulnerabilities, and in being vulnerable: to encounter, to exchange and to unexpected reactions.


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