• WALK/TALK series @ Comfort Station (June 23rd & June 24th)

    WALK/TALK series @ Comfort Station (June 23rd & June 24th)

    The psychoacoustic phenomena of a "missing fundamental" occurs when the inner ear attempts to receive a two-tone stimuli. In processing two  inputs simultaneously, the brain either masks one frequency with the other or produces what is known as a "combination tone," a "sum tone," a "difference tone," a "resultant tone," or a "phantom tone." A "phantom tone" is not equivalent to the sum of its parts: it is a unique frequency generated by the non-linear combination of its components. 

    Referencing the sonic production of a "phantom tone," the WALK/TALK series involves the act of pairing two "frequencies": (1) the reading of an original piece of writing and (2) a specific site. Begun last summer at the ACRE residency by Alyssa Moxley, Milad Mozari, Phil Peters & David Rueter, the event is an investigation into the resonance of language and place. The 3rd & 4th iterations of this series will take Comfort Station as a starting point, branching out into the surrounding Logan Square community from there. Investigating parks and alleyways, public and private spaces, the walks will move intentionally from word to word, place to place, producing a series of innumerable and complex audible "phantom tones.”

    WALK/TALKS on June 23rd & June 24th, 2014 included artists: Milad MozariAlyssa MoxleyDavid Rueter, Marissa Lee Benedict,Dao NguyenLindsey FrenchGuy Eytan and Annie Raccuglia.

    Milad Mozari

    Alyssa Moxley

    David Rueter

    Marissa Lee Benedict

    Dao Nguyen

    Lindsey French

    Guy Eytan

    Annie Raccuglia