• DIY(Visits Chicago): Photographers and Books at Columbia College (September 18th, 2013)

    DIY(Visits Chicago): Photographers and Books

    September 18—December 7, 2013

    View the Exhibiton Brochure | Essay by Gregory Harris, Associate Curator, DePaul Art Museum

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    The Center for Book and Paper Arts will mount a second iteration of an exhibition exploring print-on-demand photo books.  Originally curated by Barbara Tannenbaum for the Cleveland Museum of Art, DIY: Photographers and Books (2012) was the first museum show to focus on the impact of print-on-demand publishing on contemporary photographic practice. This is a juried exhibition focused on photobooks that move beyond the monograph. How do photographers engage the book form in ways that are experimentally visual and conceptual, while pushing the possibilities of print-on-demand publishing? 


    Steven Beckly, AT THE SAME TIME

    Exhibiting Artists
    Mali Anderson, Rosaire Appel, Steven Beckly, Roberly Bell, Marissa Lee Benedict, Sarah Benning, Sarah Bodman, Tom Burtonwood, Javier Carmona, R. Clarke- Davis, Joerg M. Colberg, Sylvia De Swaan, Dennis DeHart, Robert Drea, Boo Gilder, Regan Golden, Marcella Hackbardt, Julian Jason Haladyn, Brian Harmon, Steve Harp, James Hugunin, Ani Katz, Nick Kline, Lewis Koch, Jenna Lynch, Emily Martin, Scott McCarney, Paula McCartney, Charles Jeffrey Mintz, Lydia Moyer, Laura Noel, David Parker, Mimi Plumb, Susan Porteous, Jeff Rathermel, Tom Sowden, Valerio Spada, Max Stolkin, Lex Thompson, Mary Jo Toles, Everett Williams, Nanette Wylde & Kent Manske, and Philip Zimmermann. 

    Greg Harris, Associate Curator, DePaul Art Museum
    Karen Irvine, Curator & Associate Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography
    Jessica Cochran, Curator of Exhibitions and Programs, Center for Book and Paper Arts
    Steve Woodall, Director, Center for Book and Paper Arts