• The Dig at Heaven Gallery (January 11th, 2013)

    The Dig at Heaven Gallery (January 11th, 2013)

    The Dig: Marissa Lee Benedict, Allison Rowe and Nina Barnett

    Marissa Lee Benedict
    Allison Rowe
    Nina Barnett

    In collaboration with ACRE Residency, this proposed exhibition, to be mounted at Heaven Gallery, combines individual research-based practices that explore varying manifestations of what it means to dig, excavate, and uncover. This exhibition will include three divergent projects from artists Nina Barnett, Marissa Lee Benedict, and Allison Rowe that explore the regional-cultural presence of the subterranean, the socioeconomic infrastructure surrounding sites of excavation, and the performative act of the dig. The projects presented by Benedict, Rowe, and Barnett each explore and complicate dual conceptions of the dig as a performative act and its application to the production and accumulation of cognitive and tangible stock. The primary and most literal conception of what it means to dig investigates the labor of unearthing natural resources and material data and its relation to a global economy that valorizes service and information industries. Meanwhile, a concurrent, metaphorical understanding of the term attends to the unearthing of immaterial resources by addressing the field of research-based practice at large, its inherent interdisciplinarity and its impact on the circulation of information within a global marketplace.

    opening reception January 11th, 7-11 PM

    Heaven Gallery 
    1550 North Milwaukee, 2nd floor 
    Chicago, Illinois 60622